Revenue Management Systems, LLC provides the complete platform for remittance processing, credit card payments, and much more.

With Revenue Management Systems, we can provide your business with one platform to handle all of your payment processing needs, allowing you to accept, process, and post any type of payment, all in one place.

Revenue Management Systems can help with any type of transaction your business currently receives, or wants to receive:

Payments sent through the mail, including processing checks through a lockbox service.

Payments called in to your business, whether it be credit cards, checks by phone, etc.

Payments processed through your website, including credit card, checks, and ACH.

Payments accepted on-site.

Your business can also deposit checks through our mobile app on your phone, to any bank you use, saving you the time of going to the bank and standing in line to make a deposit.

Revenue Management Systems’ platform will integrate all of your payments, regardless of type, or how they were processed, into one platform, so your business can see everything in one place.

Our platform will also integrate these payments into one daily report, customized to be uploaded into your accounting software.